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This documentation is for the neobotix robots that come along with a robot arm. Following will be a small demo on how to use the pre-configured MoveIt package for your robot arm (if you have order this particular part from us).


Install MoveIt

sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-moveit-*

Launch MoveIt


Check if the FollowJointTrajectory action service is available from the robot arm that you have. Else you need to launch the corresponding node that is provided by your robot arm vendor.

  •  Launch the custom made move group package of the robot which you want to use

    roslaunch your-robot-moveit-package move_group.launch 
  •  In rviz Add -> MotionPlanning plugin

  •  In rviz, see to that OMPL / CHOMP appears in green color as shown in the image below. If not, there is a problem with the setup.

  • In the planning tab, under  query -> Select Goal State, select  <random valid>  and update the goal by pressing the update. Now you can see the position to which the robot will be moving as shown in the visualization.
  • In the motion planning GUI of the rviz, navigate to the planning tab.
  • Below we can see the image of the motion planning GUI.
  • Then press Plan and Execute to see the robot move to the updated goal position.


Sometimes the robot might not move because the position may make the robot attain singularity, which the planner tries to avoid. Press the update button once again to have a new pose.

  • You can also move to the robot to the desired position by dragging the interactive marker as shown in the image below.

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