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Welcome to the Neobotix Documentation for MPO-700

The omnidirectional MPO-700 is the ideal base for high-end service robots. Its four Omni-Drive-Modules enable it to move extremely smoothly into any direction. This robot is even capable of rotating freely while driving to its destination. The Omni-Drive-Modules of the MPO-700 feature important benefits compared to other omnidirectional drive kinematics, like for example the MPO-500's Mecanum wheels.

  • Fully omnidirectional manoeuvrability
  • Very steady movements
  • High stability and payload
  • Compact, easily integrated drive units

This makes the MPO-700 a premium alternative for applications that require omnidirectional movements without the limitations of traditional kinematics.

Range Of Applications

The mobile robot may be used in a large variety of applications:

  • Autonomous transportation tasks in industrial environments

  • Automatic measurement of physical data in large areas (e.g. gas concentrations, temperatures, noise, etc.)

  • Autonomous operations within large areas (e.g. surveillance, part handling, etc.)

  • Telepresence while controlled via wireless LAN

Contact information

For more information please visit our website at If you have any questions, just get in touch with us: